Training for Texas Muslim Capitol Day by Faizan Syed

Training for Texas Muslim Capitol Day

What's included?

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Jump Into Texas Muslim Capitol Day - The Introduction
Training Pt. 1: Introduction to Texas Muslim Capitol Day
Pt 2. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) Sent Ambassadors to Represent Islam & Muslims
Pt. 3: Become a Muslim Ambassador with CAIR-TX
Pt. 4: So What is CAIR-TX Anyway?
What You Need to Know to Have an Awesome Meeting with Your Officials
Pt. 5 - Time to Get Ready for Capitol Day
Pt. 6 - Who Are My Elected Officials & How Do I Find Them
pt. 7 - The Five Steps to Successful Meeting, Step 1 Introductions
Pt. 8 - Step 2, Introduce Your Bill
Pt. 9 - Step 3, Start with a Story
Pt. 10 - Step 4, List out the Facts of the Bill
Pt. 11 - Step 5, The Ask
Pt. 12 - Make Sure to Have a Follow Up Person
Pt. 13 - Assign Roles Within Your Delegation
Pt. 14 - The Goal is to Build Long Term Relationships with Officials
Pt. 15 - Yes, It's That Easy
Pt. 16 - What NOT to Do During Meetings!
Pt. 17 - Success Stories, This Stuff Actually Works
Pt. 18 - Let's Talk About Next Steps and What to Expect
Pt. 19 - Consider Joining the Ambassador Program
Pt. 20 - Conclusion, You Can & Will Make a Difference
Let's Talk About Democracy, Elections, & How Government Works
Pt. 21: Let's Get Started, How Government Works in America
Pt. 22: What Does Government Actually Do?
Pt. 23: What Are the 3 Branches of Government
Pt. 24: Let's Talk About Elections & How They work
Pt. 25 - Who is Eligible to Vote
Pt. 26 - Elections Vs. Primaries / Caucuses
Pt. 27 - Did You Know We Have 3 Levels of Government
Pt. 28 - The Odd and Sometimes Absurd Reasons Why Muslims Don't Vote